Best Field Service Management Software | ServiceFolder

ServiceFolder is a cloud based field service solution in USA that offers mobile and desktop applications to connect field workers to the office so as to enhance and provide visibility in the occurrence of the field. The field service management app helps in recording the workers in and out time from the jobs in field, along with other details related to the job.

Field service management software provides real time, actionable information, that too just with the click of a button. ServiceFolder presents a wide variety of scheduling feature that can make it very easy to manage services, service packages, recurring jobs, and much more, in a much organized fashion.

There is a feature of appointment calendar along with dispatch board to showcase revenue for all route on individual basis also with unscheduled jobs, in case if there is any requirement of filling. One important feature of the software is that if any route requires rescheduling arising due to sick days or weather or preview the new route to avoid any confusion leading to scheduling issues.

Route optimization that helps in saving time and money can be done with great ease with the field service management app. It helps in calculating and delivering the optimal route choices as per the preference of customer, drive time, route distance, eligibility windows and other such considerations.

Apart from providing the best field service management software there is excellent support from our team, to run your business. The product provides perfect online solution that has stood the test of time. The software is user friendly and can be customized as per the needs of your company. The app can be accessed from anywhere, even when you are travelling to far off locations. The support documentation is strong and stable therefore, helps in the easy and smooth management of the field workers.

ServiceFolder provides the best fully integrated and seamless payment processing, which is best in the USA. It removes all complications, empowers the employees, and helps in surpassing the expectations of the employees, in a very convenient manner.