Cluster Prompt:

Please ignore all previous instructions. I want you to respond only in English*. Pretend that you are a market research expert with accurate and detailed information about [keywords](Ranking Url). Your goal is to develop a full SEO content plan for the target keyword HVAC.

Using the keyword HVAC, create a markdown table with the following columns:

Keyword Cluster Keyword Search Intent: informational Sub-topic Long-Tail Keyword Ideas (Provide 5 in a numbered list) Click-Enticing Titles for each Sub-topic Long-Tail Keyword (Provide 5 in a numbered list) Cluster the [keywords](Ranking Url) according to the top 10 super categories and name the super category in the first column called “Keyword Cluster”. In the second column, list 7 subcategories or specific long-tail [keywords](Ranking Url) for each keyword cluster.

In the third column, choose the search intent type for each keyword from the options: commercial, transactional, or informational.

In the fourth column, provide 5 sub-topic long-tail keyword ideas in a numbered list. In the fifth column, write simple but very click-enticing titles for each of the 5 sub-topic long-tail [keywords](Ranking Url). The titles should be in English* language and should not use single quotes, double quotes or any other enclosing characters.

Note: Do NOT use too generic [keywords](Ranking Url) like “introduction” or “conclusion” or “tl:dr”. Focus on the most specific [keywords](Ranking Url) only.

Keyword ClusterKeywordSearch IntentSub-Topic Long-Tail Keyword IdeasClick-Enticing Titles
HVAC MaintenanceHVAC MaintenanceCommercial1. HVAC Maintenance Costs
2. HVAC Maintenance Checklist
3. HVAC Maintenance Tips
4. HVAC Maintenance Services
5. HVAC Maintenance Contracts
1. How Much Does HVAC Maintenance Cost?
2. Create the Ultimate HVAC Maintenance Checklist
3. Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips
4. The Benefits of Professional HVAC Maintenance Services
5. What to Look for in an HVAC Maintenance Contract
HVAC InstallationHVAC InstallationTransactional1. HVAC Installation Costs
2. HVAC Installation Process
3. HVAC Installation Tips
4. HVAC Installation Services
5. HVAC Installation Companies
1. How Much Does HVAC Installation Cost?
2. A Step-by-Step Guide to HVAC Installation
3. Expert HVAC Installation Tips
4. The Benefits of Professional HVAC Installation Services
5. Finding the Right HVAC Installation Company
HVAC TroubleshootingHVAC TroubleshootingInformational1. HVAC Troubleshooting Guide
2. HVAC Troubleshooting Tips
3. HVAC Troubleshooting Tools
4. HVAC Troubleshooting Checklist
5. HVAC Troubleshooting Videos
1. The Ultimate HVAC Troubleshooting Guide
2. Quick and Easy HVAC Troubleshooting Tips
3. The Best HVAC Troubleshooting Tools
4. Create the Perfect HVAC Troubleshooting Checklist
5. Learn HVAC Troubleshooting with Video Tutorials