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QuickBooks is basically software for field service management. Developed by Intuit, this software is mainly targeted towards small to medium scale organizations. Just like other field service management software, QuickBooks provides facilities like accounting applications, business payments, managing bills and payrolls with the help of cloud computing.

Features to look for in quickbooks as field service management software

QuickBooks is combined with many web-based features such as remote assistance, online payment options, online banking, mapping address via Google Maps and many more. Although there are multiple versions of QuickBooks available, here we will discuss few features common in each of them.

Managing accounts

For any kind of business, keeping track of your income and expenses is very important. With the help of field service management software like QuickBooks you can maintain journals, ledgers, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation statements and many more. This way you can keep a track of your profit as well as business productivity.

Time and role management

You can assign specific role based access to your employees. Since you being the owner can have a centralized access from where you can monitor data as well as assign roles and permissions. You can also keep track of the working hours for your office and offline workers and pay accordingly.

Tracking orders and inventory

Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks helps you to manage your inventory and orders. You can set parameters for your stock so that any kind of miss communication between you and your customers can be avoided. You can keep a real time track of your order, once it is processed and the invoice has been sent.

User-friendly software

Unlike other field service management software, QuickBooks is specifically developed for being user-friendly. It doesn’t require any training program to understand the user interface. Most of the tools used in QuickBooks are very easy to understand and automated. So any person will be able to use it without having any accounting knowledge.

Widely regarded as one of the best field service management software, QuickBooks can make your company grow in a faster and easier way.

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