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Electrician software for electrical contractors

What is Electrician Software?

Electrician software helps a company streamline their business with efficient scheduling and dispatching electricians. Most importantly, it saves time by making the process of finding qualified electricians easier for employers.

What is electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software provides an all-in-one field management solution. This includes estimating and invoicing templates, time tracking, mileage tracking, payroll integration, invoice generation, and more. The use of this software increases the company's efficiency and profits.

Electrical contractor software is a useful tool that helps electrical contractors manage tasks and communicate with clients. There are many different types of applications, including project planning systems to payroll management systems.

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Electrician Service Software Benefits

Staff can run more efficiently with the use of ServiceFolder

Staff members are able to increase ticket sales and customer satisfaction

Electricians are able to avoid miscommunication when using ServiceFolder electrician scheduling software

It is easy and convenient for office teams to assign jobs.

Organize your office staff and electricians

Never forget to schedule or invoice jobs. Keep track of everything on your team. See how your business is doing with the connected field tech and office staff.

Sync to QuickBooks

See all your finances in realtime with our seamless quickbooks integration. Avoid delays and double entry of data.

Efficiently dispatch electricians

Efficiently assign, deploy and track electrician locations.

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ServiceFolder's Electrical Contractor business software is a mobile integrated Field Service Software

Electrical Contractor estimate software

Electrical Contractor Estimates/Quotes Software

Electrical Contractor estimating Software can send estimates to pre-approve to customers before starting work orders. The hassle of mailing, explaining and approving estimates, dealing with people who don’t pay, and working with lazy customers can make the Electrical Contractor services more demanding.

  • Online payments allow for more convenience, expedited payment processing, and better tracking.
  • Create Electrical Contractor estimates at the office or on the field
  • Send Estimates first, then convert to quote, get customer signature next, followed by invoice creation and receive payments.
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Electrical Contractor Equipment tracking software

Continuously keep accurate notes of the maintenance of expensive equipment like generators, ladders, compressors and other tools used for fixing air conditioners or for the ventilation of the field. You can do this with the ServiceFolder Electrical Contractor maintenance software.

If your equipment is your company's, the customer's or your own, use a centralized tracking platform like ServiceFolder's Electrical Contractor Service Software to maintain information like location and usage. This ensures accurate and vital data for future references while also ensuring that customers can locate and use their belongings.

  • Improve your efficiency, avoid equipment damage, and reduce waste by staying on top of the maintenance process
  • Improve customer value and keep your expensive tools in top shape
  • Help make audits easy
  • Quick Support
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Field Service Customer Equipment tracking
New Customer Equipment

Electrical Contractor Job Management Software

Electrical Contractor service demand and bidding have always been at their peak. ServiceFolder has designed a job management feature to help you relax as demand rises and work orders pile up. You can now sit at the counter, sip your coffee, manage jobs without the use of paper or pens, and ensure that your schedules and dispatching are delivered to customers quickly and easily. Your Electrical Contractor field service can outwit all others if you have trained and skilled electricians, a loyal customer base, and an outstanding service team like ServiceFolder.

  • Sort your work orders by date, time, location, and urgency
  • Easily schedule and dispatch
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Electrical Contractor software for QuickBooks Integration

With QuickBooks integration, ServiceFolder has been able to function more effectively and smoothly. The accounting software organizes your business’ accounting data for you on the cloud, helps track your sales, import and categorize transactions and even generates reports. Electrical Contractor business owners work hard to keep their businesses running smoothly, but often times can get tired. Timely estimates and invoices make the jobs of these successful companies more achievable. Collaborating with our Service Folder software, business owners can access QuickBooks accounting to ensure their company is working billable hours.

  • No need to be an accounting professional to use the software
  • Create Invoices and payments within minutes and sync to QuickBooks
  • Help make audits easy
  • Quick Support
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Service Folder QuickBooks - Integration

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Electrical Contractor Software with QuickBooks Integration
Electrical Contractor Software with CRM

Electrical Contractor CRM Software

Manage the 360 degree information of your customer in one screen.

  • Site addresss
  • Invoice & Receipts
  • Quotes
  • Jobs
  • Contracts
  • Customer Equipment
  • Files & Photos
  • Job History

Electrical Contractor invoicing Software

When the work is finished by the electricians, it's difficult to handle the paperwork and collect the cash. ServiceFolder have a better, more straightforward solution that will save you both time and money. ServiceFolder generates invoices as soon as the work is completed. To avoid physical contact, electricians can upload before and after pictures for reporting purposes, obtain digital signatures from customers, and accept online payments. Digital bills allow for greater social distance while also allowing for more work to be completed in less time.

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Invoice & Receipts
Electrical Contractor Invoicing Software

Mobile Electrical Contractor Software

Technician on the field can do the work better without having to call the office staff

Electrical Contractor electricians on the field can quickly create a customers and reduce phone conversation with the back office staff

The technician can collect the customer signature on the mobile. After collecting the signature, the signature is stored in the customers job record for further reference and printing.

Electrical Service Franchise Management Software

It is not easy to run a business. Operating a business with multiple locations is even more difficult. You require all-in-one electrical repair franchise management software that will save you time while also assisting you in growing your business. ServiceFolder will assist you in streamlining day-to-day operations, cutting costs, and gaining access to the real-time reporting you require to easily scale your franchise business.

field service franchise software
electrical service agreements

Contracts & Service Agreements

You can give your electricians and sales the ability to instantly upsell extended warranties, service contracts, and maintenance agreements with ServiceFolder.

Create one job and schedule it to repeat with interval options such as weekly, quarterly, annually, or custom ranges to create automated recurring jobs for maintenance agreements. Our Electrical Service software is specifically designed for small businesses. 

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Frequently asked Questions

What is commercial Electrical Contractor software?

Commercial Electrical Contractor software is an essential tool for owners and managers of commercial Electrical Contractor companies to grow their businesses. This type of software is designed to help increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing a better customer service experience.

What is Electrical Contractor Dispatch Software

Electrical Contractor Dispatch Software is a tool that gives Electrical Contractor professionals the power to schedule their jobs, dispatch digital work orders, track equipment, monitor technician progress, maintain a customer database, and handle every other aspect of running an Electrical Contractor company.

What is the cost of Electrical Contractor Service Software

The cost of field service software for Electrical Contractor contractors generally rises with the depth of functionality.

What is Electrical Contractor Management App

Electrical Contractor Service Company requires your electricians to be out in the field while your office managers manage the administration from behind a computer. Electrical Contractor business owners and teams can manage operations from anywhere with ServiceFolder's Electrical Contractor business app for web, which gives your team access to their schedules, work order information, quotes, and turn-by-turn directions to their next job. The ServiceFolder mobile app is free to download for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

What 3rd party integrations are done by ServiceFolder Electrical Contractor software

1. Learn more about Stripe online payments to get paid faster

2. Learn more about online quickbooks for invoice and payments syncing

Does a small business needs a Electrician software

Electrician management software can help you organize your operations and make the small business look bigger.

Is ServiceFolder a free Electrical Contractor software

Yes, ServiceFolder is free for 3 users for the Silver Edition.

Get started with ServiceFolder

  • Manage Jobs & Staff
  • On Site Quote and Invoice
  • On Site Notes and Photos
  • Sync with Quickbooks Online
  • Print Designer for all Documents
  • Equipment/Asset Management
  • Customer Management
  • Leads Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Notifications
  • Customer Fields
  • PriceBooks

Interested In Electrican Inventory Management Software?

ServiceFolder doesn't just handle Electrical Contractor businesses, we also have inventory management tools for your Electrical Contractor personnel. This will allow your team to plan their services and offer the correct inventory.

*Click here to learn more about how we can help your inventory tracking needs! *