Field Service Management

Introduction: Business aim is to grow and achieve astonishing heights. This aim requires effective internal management and efficient strategies to monitor activities and track progress. If your business relies on field workers, then it becomes tougher to boost bottom line and enhance customer experience simultaneously. This calls for field service management (FSM) software that can aid in enhanced customer satisfaction. This software has direct bearing on your business model as well as customers and thus, need to be integrated with your internal mechanisms

What is field management software?

It is software which helps in below:

• Blocking calendars
• Real time tracking
• Work order management
• Inventory management, invoicing, costing
• Customer relationship management
• Standardized/Customized Reports

Exemplification: Let’s understand it with an example of Uber. When you request for an Uber, it’s a field management software working in backend to check the nearest available cab, pricing based on the pickup and drop location, gives you estimated pick-up and drop time, allows you real time tracking and provides trip summary sheets to all customers. Now, think of usefulness of such software for Uber company. Along with scheduling cabs and enhanced customer experience, it allows them to track the shortage or excess provision at every zip code. This software is equivalent to blood and oxygen for the company.

Another example could be of businesses providing home services. There are many platforms which provide one-stop destination for all home improvement needs. They receive booking requests on call as well as through app. Customers call left and right and to ensure there are no missed opportunities, it becomes important to have a dependable software.

Future-proofed: The business has no rewind button. It continues to step up the ladder to compete with other players and attain #1 spot in the industry. It is important for the field service management software to be future-proofed, so it doesn’t become outdated with dynamic environment. The software should be able to help you withstand the growing pains that come with getting your business off ground.

Cost saving:Investing in FSM can bring huge saving for your company. Since it allows you real-time tracking, you can allocate your resources judiciously. The software knows that one person can’t be at two different spots at one point of time. However, humans can commit this error. One software can do job of at least five individuals with highest level of efficiency and no overlapping! The software integrates into the overall bracket and provide valuable perks like allowing customers to book the service independently, track the status, get in touch with service provider and make online payments.

Customization:The software is well built to provide extreme level of customization to fit into business needs. With its simple user interface, this software can be used by anyone without any training. The software grows with your business and designers aim to update the software per requirements. With right software company, bad days can too pass as a breeze!


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