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Are you a service business enthusiast? Do you enjoy providing domestic services in a creative way? Then kick start your service business venture with the help of right plans and the appropriate tools. However, providing services faster should be the basic goal to excel in this field. Now fast service providing tools may include field service mobile app. It is a simple solution to your field service management plan to be executed effortlessly and in more professional manner.

What is field service mobile app?

It is a field service software system which is accessible through the mobile handset. Field service mobile app efficiently manages offline job assignments and client handlings. It is basically the extension of the field service software that deals with the external vendors associated with a service providing job. The field workers install the app in their respective handsets and get notified every time there’s a new job assignment. They also get notified of the scheduling, the job description, and the respective team members too.

How field service mobile app helps field workers

Field service mobile app helps the offline service provider with required data regarding the on-site job and the customer location. With a simple click on their mobile screens they instantly get updated with follow-ups and other job associated information. Here’s how field service mobile app helps the field workers with service related queries without buying too much time.

Process the appointment

Field service app deals with the order management system. When a customer seeks for a service and makes an appointment, the field service management app processes the appointment instantly and prepares the assignment for the field worker.

Prepare the service schedule

The field worker gets the notification that a job has been scheduled for him on a certain date. This is called service scheduling. The date and time of the service is mentioned in the form of calendar in the field service app.

Prepare customer invoice

As soon as the job has been scheduled to the particular worker, the customer receives a self-generated mail stating that the appointment has been processed and the offline vendor will soon visit him with the service.

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