Best Lead Generation Websites For Contractors

Are you a contractor looking for the best lead generation websites? You’ve come to the right place. Lead generation websites are an invaluable tool for contractors, and this article will cover some of the top sites that can help you get more business. It’ll look at their features, costs, and what makes them stand out from the competition. So if you’re looking to increase your prospects, read on to find out which lead generation website best suits your needs.

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ThumbtackOnline platform for contractors to generate leadsDetailed profiles, customer reviews, tips on how to write a profile, and advice on how to price services
HomeadvisorWebsite that connects homeowners with experienced contractors in their local areaDetailed profiles, reviews from other customers, compare different contractors, contact them directly, free estimates
Angie’s ListWebsite for contractors to find new customersWide range of local contractors pre-screened and rated by other users, resources such as project management tools, payment processing options, contractor advertising opportunities, consumer protection policy
PorchWebsite for contractors to generate leadsAccess to over 300 million homeowners, powerful search filters, tools for managing leads, scheduling estimates and jobs, tracking reviews, free website builder, online marketing services, customer support
BuildzoomWebsite for contractors to generate leadsDirectory of over 3.5 million licensed and insured professionals, search for projects in their area, contact homeowners who are searching for services, online community, reviews of local businesses


Thumbtack is a great tool for contractors to use for lead generation. It’s an online platform, which makes it easy to set up and start bringing in leads quickly. Contractors can create detailed profiles about their business and list the services they offer. This helps potential customers find the right contractor for the job.

Thumbtack also provides helpful resources such as customer reviews, tips on how to write a profile, and advice on how to price services. All of these features make it easier for contractors to find new customers, grow their businesses, and increase their income. With a little effort, Thumbtack can be a great source of leads for any contractor.


The thought of finding reliable contractors can be overwhelming and intimidating. Thankfully, there’s HomeAdvisor – a trusted website that connects homeowners with experienced contractors in their local area. Not only is it easy to find the right contractor for the job, but you can also read reviews from other customers who have had similar experiences. This provides peace of mind knowing that your home improvement project is in good hands.

When using HomeAdvisor, you get access to detailed profiles about each contractor, including their credentials and qualifications. Additionally, you can easily compare different contractors and contact them directly via the website. You can even get free estimates if you are not sure how much a particular project will cost. All this makes it easier to make an informed decision when selecting a contractor for your home improvement project.

Angie’s List

Moving on from HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List is another popular lead generation website for contractors. It was founded in 1995 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted platforms for contractors to find new customers. On the website, customers can search through a wide range of local contractors who have been pre-screened and rated by other users. This makes it easier for customers to find reliable services and get competitive prices.

Angie’s List also offers several other benefits for customers and contractors alike. For instance, it provides useful resources such as project management tools, payment processing options, contractor advertising opportunities, and much more. Furthermore, all members are protected under the company’s consumer protection policy which ensures that every transaction is secure and fair.

In summary, Angie’s List offers a vast selection of screened local contractors with a variety of services available at competitive prices. Additionally, its helpful resources make it easy for both customers and contractors to manage their projects from start to finish while also being protected under the company’s consumer protection policy.


Undoubtedly, Porch is one of the best lead generation websites for contractors. It gives them access to over 300 million homeowners and more than a million professionals in the home service industry. With its powerful search filters, contractors can easily find projects that match their skills and location. Plus, it provides tools that enable contractors to save time and money by managing leads, scheduling estimates and jobs, tracking reviews, and more.

Porch makes it easy to get started with a free website builder that lets contractors create beautiful sites in minutes. They also offer online marketing services to help generate more leads with SEO optimized content, social media campaigns, and Google Ads. And they provide an excellent customer support team available 24/7 who can answer any questions contractors may have about the platform or their services. All of these features make Porch one of the best lead generation websites for contractors today.


Moving on from Porch, BuildZoom is another great website for contractors to utilize for lead generation. This website offers a directory of over 3.5 million licensed and insured professionals that can be used to connect with potential customers. Through BuildZoom, contractors are able to easily search for projects in their area and assess how competitive the market is. They are also able to contact homeowners who are searching for services such as painting, remodeling, plumbing, and more. Additionally, there’s an online community where contractors can ask questions and get advice from other professionals in their field. The website also provides reviews of local businesses which can help contractors find reliable service providers and increase customer confidence in their own business by demonstrating the quality of their work. With all these features combined, BuildZoom is an invaluable resource for contractors looking to generate leads and grow their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Contractors Typically Charge For Lead Generation Services?

When it comes to lead generation for contractors, the cost can vary significantly. It often depends on the size of the project, how much effort is required, and any additional services that need to be included. On average, contractors typically charge anywhere from $500-$1500 for lead generation services, although some may offer discounts or special packages. It’s important to shop around and compare rates before committing to a service provider.

What Is The Best Way To Vet Contractors Before Hiring Them?

The best way to vet contractors before hiring them is to get multiple bids and ask for references from past projects. It’s important to check if the contractor is licensed and insured, and if they have experience with similar projects. Ask questions like how many people will work on the project and what their timeline is. You should also look into their reviews online. Once you find a contractor that seems trustworthy, it’s important to sign a written contract that outlines the scope of work, payment terms, timeline, and any other details related to the job.

How Can Contractors Ensure Their Lead Generation Services Are Effective?

Contractors need to make sure their lead generation services are effective in order to bring in the right kind of clients. It’s important to evaluate how well your leads are converting and track the progress of your campaigns. You should also consider whether the leads you’re getting are qualified or not, as this will affect your bottom line. Monitor the customer journey from lead generation to conversion and look for ways to optimize it so that you can get more out of each lead. Finally, consider diversifying your lead sources by using multiple lead generation websites and platforms to ensure that you have a steady stream of leads.

Are There Any Additional Marketing Tactics Contractors Can Use To Generate Leads?

When it comes to generating leads for a contracting business, there are many options beyond just utilizing lead generation websites. Contractors can also use content marketing tactics such as blogging, creating videos, and using social media platforms to increase visibility and reach potential customers. Additionally, email outreach campaigns and attendings events related to the industry can be useful for improving lead generation efforts.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes Contractors Make When Using Lead Generation Websites?

When using lead generation websites, contractors often make the mistake of not having a clear goal in mind. They forget to consider their target audience and fail to create content that resonates with them. Additionally, they don’t take the time to understand and utilize the website’s features properly, which can result in missed opportunities for generating leads.


As contractors take on the task of finding the best lead generation websites, they should be sure to assess their needs and budget accordingly. It’s important to vet potential contractors before hiring them, and to also ensure their services are effective. Additionally, contractors should consider other marketing tactics that can help generate leads. Finally, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes when using lead generation websites so you can maximize your return on investment. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the right lead generation website for your business and increase your chances of success.

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